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3-5 days:  Hepatitis B #1 (unless #1 was given at birth hospital)

1 mo:  Hep B#2

2 mo: DTap#1(Diptheria/Tetanus/Pertussis), PCV#1(Strep Pneumo vaccine), Hib(Hemophilus Influenza)#1, IPV(polio)#1, Rotavirus#1

4 mo: DTap#2, PCV#2, Hib#2, IPV#2, Rotavirus#2

6 mo: DTap#3, PCV#3, Hib#3, Rotavirus#3

9 mo: HepB#3, Hemoglobin check for anemia

12 mo: Varicella#1(Chicken Pox vaccine), MMR#1(Measles, Mumps,Rubella), Hep A#1(Hepatitis A)

15 mo: PCV#4, HIB#4, DTaP#4

18 mo: IPV#3, Hep A#2

2 years:  Well baby visit, no vaccines unless need to catch up

3 years:  Well baby visit, no vaccines unless need to catch up

4 or 5 years: DTap#5, IPV#4, Varicella#2, MMR#2

6 years-10 years:  Well child visit once a year, no vaccines unless need to catch up

11+ y/o: Tdap (Adult tetanus with pertussis), Menactra (Meningitis shot), Gardasil (HPV, cervical vaccine is for girls only, a 3-series vaccine)

This is an example of our typical vaccination schedule.  The current 2009-2010 Florida School Entry Requirements for Kindergarten through 12th grade are highlighted in bold.  All vaccines on the schedule are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC.   This vaccine schedule is only a guide and may be altered after discussion with your physician. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics website is where you can find reliable information about your child's development, and many other common childhood conditions:  Also check out for expert information for parents and children about health and development.  A new weblink to find information about specific symptoms that your child is having

Reliable information about vaccines can also be found at

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