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By Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics
March 11, 2021
Tags: Newborn   Well Child Care  

Know what to expect from your child’s first pediatric wellness visits.

Your baby is finally here! It feels so amazing to welcome your new arrival. Of course, now that they are out in the world, we know that you want to do whatever is possible to keep them healthy and safe. Only days after leaving the hospital, you’ll visit our Jacksonville, FL, pediatricians Dr. Alexandra Kostur, and Dr. Roman Criollo for your baby’s first newborn care visit. These checkups are incredibly important as they allow us to monitor developmental milestones and screen for possible health problems along the way.

Bringing Your Baby Into the Office

Within the first week of birth, you will bring your newborn in for their first well-child care visit with our Jacksonville, FL, pediatric team. The first visit is our chance to get to know you and your baby better, so expect the first visit to take some time.

Each well-child checkup with your little one will provide different screening tools and preventive measures as well as address certain issues such as breastfeeding, diet, and nutrition. These visits also allow us to monitor your child’s growth and development and keep them up to date on vaccines to protect against the spread of diseases.

We will also test vision and hearing. In fact, we offer “SPOT” vision screening for infants over 6 months. This handheld device allows our pediatricians to be able to quickly and painlessly detect vision issues in children and teens.

Well-child visits will occur when your child is:

  • Within the 1st week after birth
  • 2 weeks old
  • 1 month old
  • 2 months old
  • 4 months old
  • 6 months old
  • 9 months old
  • 1 year old
  • 15 months old
  • 18th months old
  • 2 years old
  • Once every year after 3 years old

These visits can be just as important for parents, especially first-time parents. We can provide breastfeeding assistance, answer questions you have and address concerns regarding sleep habits, eating, bathing, and more.

Are you a parent-to-be who is currently looking for a pediatrician here in Jacksonville, FL, that can provide newborn care? Our team here at Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics is full of expert doctors and caring professionals who want to give your child the very best care they can get so they can grow up healthy and strong. To schedule your newborn’s first visit or to learn more about our practice, call us at (904) 446-9991.