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By Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics
September 13, 2021
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Kids are notorious for picking up warts. It's hard to believe that these small, harmless-looking bumps on the skin can be so painful and annoying. But they can also spread in the right conditions if left untreated. Dr. Alexandra Kostur and Dr. Roman Criollo of Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics in Jacksonville, FL, treats kids with warts efficiently.

Identifying Warts in Kids

Warts can vary in shape and size, but what they all have in common is that they become hard bumps over time. While they can appear anywhere, they will usually grow on fingers and toes or even between them. Sometimes they might have a black center. They can also take the form of cauliflower florets or pimples, with a translucent liquid in their midst. You might spot one on a finger, for example, and also might find a cluster of two or more elsewhere. This pattern is typical and can differ based on the individual.

Sometimes, if warts get brushed up against objects the wrong way, they can become extremely painful. This includes rubbing the wrong way against pockets, inside of shoes, or sandal straps. If the wart is on the bottom of a foot, it can become painful at different times to walk or run on it.

Causes of Warts in Kids

General skin warts are the most common kind of warts found in kids. As with adults, they most likely started by coming into contact with a virus, one of several kinds that are prevalent in our environment. Once the skin comes into contact with the virus, sometimes it embeds in the skin and continues to grow. The virus can be transmitted by sharing wet towels or if a person touched another person's warts long enough.

Jacksonville Pediatrician in Jacksonville, FL, Provides Advanced Treatment Options

Parents should understand that this is not a boo-boo you want to kiss and make all better! Instead, you want to seek out a Jacksonville pediatrician in Jacksonville, FL, like the pediatricians at Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics in Jacksonville, FL, for a consultation.

While there are many ways to treat a wart, the best way we prefer to treat kids is with the advancement of a CryOmega cryosurgical device. These are hand-held devices that deliver pinpoint, accurate precision blasts of freezing nitrous oxide in small but direct areas without harming the surrounding tissue. There are no cuts or incisions made to your child, and children, in general, are surprised at how easy it is.

If you are seeking a Jacksonville pediatrician in Jacksonville, FL, to help with warts then reach out to Dr. Kostur and Dr. Criollo at Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics in Jacksonville, FL, at 904-446-9991 for an appointment today!