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By Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics
August 09, 2018
Category: Children's Health

What your pediatrician in Jacksonville, Florida wants you to know

Well child care visits are an important part of your child’s healthcare. You shouldn’t wait until your child gets sick to visit the pediatrician. well child visitsRegular well-child visits are the preventive way to protect your child against serious illnesses and diseases.

Dr. Alexandra Kostur at Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics in Jacksonville, Florida wants to share the importance of well-child care visits and how they can help your child stay healthy.

Regular well-child care visits should begin when your child is 2 to 5 days old, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. This first visit should be followed by a well-child care visit when your child is 2 weeks old, followed by visits at 1,2,4,6,9,12, 15, and 18 months, and then again at 2 years of age. After the age of 2, once yearly well visits are recommended.

During your child’s visit, your pediatrician will record essential baseline information about your child’s height, weight, and other factors to monitor rates of growth and development. This is a great way to ensure your child is on track for a healthy life.

To view or print recommendations for your child’s health care from the American Academy of Pediatrics, please click on this link:

This is also a perfect opportunity for you to ask questions about your child’s health, growth and development, and discuss any concerns you may have. As a parent, it’s only natural for you to have questions about eating, sleeping, behaviors and other issues you will encounter at home. Your pediatrician wants to be your partner in nurturing your child’s good health and normal development.

Well-child care visits are also essential to make sure your child is up-to-date on immunizations. Vaccines are the most important tool in the prevention of serious diseases like polio, hepatitis, and meningitis. They also help keep your child and your family healthy by preventing potentially serious illnesses like the flu. Immunizations are also required for your child to attend daycare and school.

To view or print the Centers for Disease Control recommendations for immunizations, please click on this link:

Your child deserves the best start in life, and you and your pediatrician can make it happen with well-child care visits. For more information about pediatric health, call Dr. Alexandra Kostur at Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics in Jacksonville, Florida today!