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By Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics
April 19, 2018
Category: Pediatric Health
Tags: Immunizations  

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, immunizations prevent millions of deaths a year, has prevented or even immunizationseradicated once-widespread diseases, and are absolutely necessary in the worldwide fight against deadly diseases. Doing your part to keep your child on schedule with their immunizations is crucial to the health of both your child and those around them. Find out more about immunizations schedules and how they benefit you and your child with Dr. Alexandra Kostur at Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics in Jacksonville, FL.

What are immunizations? 
Vaccines are tiny doses of weakened germs which help the body build immunity to certain diseases. A vaccination is the act of getting a vaccine injected into your body, usually in the form of a shot. The process of becoming immune to a disease is called immunization and occurs after receiving the vaccination. When your pediatrician talks about an immunization schedule, they are referring to how far apart each vaccination is and how long it will take your child to become immune to the disease in question.

What is herd immunity? 
Vaccines work. They protect against deadly diseases and ensure that even those people who cannot receive their vaccinations remain free from disease. Germs travel from person to person quickly. Vaccines make people immune to those germs, meaning that the germs cannot infect a large number of people in a short amount of time. Babies who are very young and people with certain medical conditions cannot receive vaccinations, making herd immunity crucial to keeping you, as well as those around you, safe from disease.

How can I keep my child on track for their vaccines? 
Keeping up with your child’s regularly scheduled appointments with their pediatrician will ensure that they receive their vaccines on time. Your pediatrician will help your child stay on schedule and keep track of their growth and development. These regular appointments also give your child’s pediatrician the chance to catch and treat illnesses or conditions at their earliest stages.

Vaccinations in Jacksonville, FL 
Vaccinations are an important facet of your child’s health as well as the health of those around you. For more information on keeping up with your child’s immunization schedule or what makes vaccinations important, please contact Dr. Kostur at Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics in Jacksonville, FL. Call (904) 446-9991 to schedule your child’s appointment for immunizations today!