What To Expect During School & Sports Physicals

Whether it's for volleyball, basketball, football, track, or any other school sport, your child will need a physical first, as per Florida law. And a few times throughout your kid's life, he or she will also need a physical for school. By understanding what to expect from school & sports physicals from Dr. Alexandra Kostur and Dr. Roman Criollo of Jacksonville Kids Pediatrics, serving Jacksonville, FL, and the nearby region, the process will go much more smoothly.

Medical History Report

A physician will acquire a throughout medical history report on your child as part of both school & sports physicals. You'll need to fill out a questionnaire that'll ask about any chronic conditions your child has or had. Particularly for sports physicals, you'll need to answer questions about any previous injuries your child sustained. 

For either type of physical, you'll need to answer questions about your child's family medical history, such as any conditions family members had. 

Either physical will ask about any medications your child takes, which will include prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins and supplements. 

Depending on your kid's age, you'll be asked questions about puberty/ a female's menstrual cycle. 

Physical Examination

Part of the examination also consists of a practitioner from our Jacksonville, FL, office looking over your child's overall physical appearance for any injuries or issues. At an appointment for either type of physical, a member of our staff will take your child's weight and height. He or she will have his or her pulse and blood pressure taken. The practitioner will assess his or her heart and lung function. 

A physical for school will include getting his or her hearing checked using a device that emits different volumes/tones of beeps. He or she will need to raise the correct hand when he or she hears a beep in that ear. Both ears will be checked. 

For school & sports physicals, your kid will need to undergo a vision screening. It's a simple test that uses a chart. He or she will need to read the different lines of letters off the chart, and from the results, a physician can determine if your child should see an optometrist. 


If your child receives any vaccinations at a physical, a practitioner will add it to his or her records because a school will need to see this information or know a valid reason why your child hasn't received the necessary vaccines to attend school. 

At Jacksonville Kids Pediatric, serving Jacksonville, and the general vicinity, Dr. Kostur and Dr. Criollo provides both school & sports physicals and can ensure your child remains compliant with the law and can safely play a sport. 

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